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Psychological Counseling for Executives

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"People in top positions need an absolutely secure environment and a competent counterpart, who is familiar with the circumstances in the business life.”


Caroline Cerar - Executive counselor & Coach

When someone is ready to open oneself up and confront one’s own personal topics, the setting and the right framework are absolutely key. The most important questions and concerns are addressed directly.



"Is this worth it?"

"Is there even someone who understands me and my problem?", “Can I really confide in someone?”, "How does psychological counseling work?" Many managers who consider looking for help coping with their emotional problems ask themselves these or similar questions.

I take those questions and doubts serious. In the area “Good to know” I try to resolve known issues, resentments and uncertainties. In the area “Belief” I give a glimpse into my professional commitment.


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Good to know
"Personal development is an individual process.
For me, it is important to define the right form and the fitting procedure together with each
client .”


Caroline Cerar - Executive counselor & Coach

Good to know


Characteristic of my psychological counseling

I follow a holistic, individualized approach in my work, which prevents any leveling down. The individuals and the distinctiveness of the situation are key. The foundation of my counseling and coaching approach lies in the systemic field and in Gestalt therapy.


Impartiality and confidentiality as a prerequisite
Strong relationships create a positive framework for change. This assumes that the counselor is open and unbiased towards the client and his subject. In addition, every person who confronts his own problems deserves deep respect. Confidentiality and data security are absolutely necessary basic requirements.


The goal determines the duration of the process
With every client I arrange a processing target. The time for support in stressful situations or coaching is shorter, but often more intense. Overcoming long-standing personal themes naturally requires more time. The following applies: Psychological accompaniment is goal-oriented and therefore temporary. This goal orientation is the basis of the common progress review.


Positive effects and sustainability - not a quick fix
It is part of my identity as a psychological consultant to make myself dispensable. Apart from tackling the specific issue, it is important for me to always strengthen the self-support of the client. This way, a positive after-effect and sustainability is achieved, when the consultation process has ended.


Consulting hours and hourly rate
The counseling sessions are usually 60 minutes. In special cases it may be helpful to do a longer sequence. A pre-agreed rate per hour will be charged to you. My consulting services are aimed at private clients. A co-payment or reimbursement by the health insurance is not possible.

Intensive sessions, online counseling and weekend appointments possible

Intensive sessions as well as online counseling can be arranged based on a mutual agreement. For managers with special time constraints and privacy demands appointments on weekends are also possible.

First of all, a non-binding meeting
The quality of the relationship between counselor and client is of great importance in psychological solution processes. The "chemistry" must be right. So to interested clients I always suggest an initial consultation to get to know each other. This chargeable meeting is a first non-binding step for both parties.


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