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Psychological Counseling for Executives

“Especially in top positions one is challenged as a person and as a personality. It is possible to dissolve own, hindering patterns and thereby gain in personal effectiveness.”


Caroline Cerar - Executive counselor & Coach



Executive Counseling offers the following services:


  • Support in acute change and stress situations

  • Solution guidance in coping with personal topics and typical patterns

  • Accompaniment for self-esteem problems and personality development

  • Coaching for specific topics and questions of reorientation


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Taking change personally


People in leadership roles are often confronted with special challenges and personal problems. Some of them have repeatedly had the experience that own values, concepts, personality traits or also hidden fears do influence the personal leadership performance. Typical for this are:


  • Concern not to suffice the requirements of the leadership position

  • Recurring problems in leadership and typical patterns

  • Similar problem situations in the business and in the private life

  • Personality characteristics as problem in leadership

  • Being repeatedly confronted with personal problems


Quite a few managers instinctively feel that it requires a fundamental personal change to stop these recurring patterns. They need concrete support and a counterpart, who is familiar with the special challenges in day-to-day management.


Executive Counseling therefore offers psychological counseling services for people in leadership roles, which also go beyond the traditional coaching.

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